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Speak Up Scott County
Open Town Hall

What does "safe" mean to you? Help Scott County officials know where to focus!

Average priorities over 2 users

  1. How important is it that your government enforces laws, is prepared, and responds to emergency situations?
    Enforce laws, respond to emergencies
  2. How important is it that children and vulnerable adults are protected, and their basic needs met?
    Protection for children and the vulnerable
  3. Responding to criminal activity is one thing, how important is it that it is prevented it in the first place?
    Prevent criminal behavior
  4. How important is it that everyone can enjoy clean soil, water, and air?
    Clean soil, water, and air
  5. How important is it that people can travel and move about safely, no matter if that's in a vehicle, on a sidewalk, or on a trail?
    Safety in every mode of travel
  6. How important is it that everyone feels safe, knows their neighbors, where children can play outside, and everyone feels part of the larger community?
    Feeling safe in the community