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ADA Compliance Plan for County Maintained Roads Survey

After reviewing Humboldt County’s ADA Compliance Plan and/or ADA Compliance Plan for County Maintained Roads please answer a few questions.

Facilities Master Plan Survey

Please provide your feedback on the Facilities Master Plan.

McKinleyville Town Center Survey

What is your vision for the McKinleyville Town Center?

Climate Action Plan Survey

What should Humboldt County's local governments prioritize in developing a Climate Action Plan?

Prosperity! 2018

Share your thoughts on the draft plan for a renewed vision for the county's economic development strategy.

Training Survey

Let us know what types of emergency training you're interested in.

ADA Accessibility Survey

Help identify the top intersections that need improvements in Humboldt county.

Wildfire Preparedness Survey

Are You Ready for Wildfire? Help us understand what your wildfire concerns and priorities are.

Airport Survey

Help Enhance the Future of Air Service in Arcata/Eureka

Priorities for Measure S

What are your priorities for Measure S, the commercial cannabis cultivation tax that was passed by voters in November?

County Parks at a Crossroads

What do you value about County parks?

Planning for FY 2016-17

What steps should we be taking this year to make our community a better place?

DHHS and the Future

What are your thoughts about the Department of Health & Human Services, and what characteristics do you want to see in the next director?

County's new app, "My Humboldt"

Now that we have launched our new app, "My Humboldt", let us know what you think!

Measure Z Priorities

What are your priorities for Measure Z funds?

New County of Humboldt Mobile App

What features and content would you like to see on the new County of Humboldt mobile app?

County Transparency Web Page

What information should be readily available on the County's web site?

Website Feedback

What do you think about the County's new website?

Campaign Finance Reform

What should Campaign Finance Reform look like in Humboldt County?