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Engage Fremont- Policing

We want to hear from you.

Fremont trail strategy plan

Please provide your feedback on the trail strategy plan.

Fremont’s New Center for Older Adults

Pick Your Favorite Name for Fremont’s New Center for Older Adults

Navigation Center

Please provide your feedback on the Fremont Navigation Center.

Climate Action Plan Update

Please provide feedback for the City's Climate Action Plan update.

Suggest Name for New Mobile Hygiene Unit

Suggest a Name & Design for Mobile Hygiene Unit

Fremont Minimum Wage Ordinance

Fremont Minimum Wage Ordinance



Ordenanza del Salario Mínimo Fremont

Ordenanza del Salario Mínimo Fremont

Residential Plastic Usage Survey

Residential Plastic Usage Survey

Fremont Mobility Action Plan

Share your feedback on the Fremont Mobility Action Plan.

2017/18 Mid-Year Budget Review

How would you prioritize funding for the City’s 2017/18 Mid-Year Budget Review?

Future Irvington BART Station

How can the Irvington BART Station best serve you and the community?

Draft Council District Maps

Which draft Council district map do you prefer?

Single-Family Neighborhoods

Please provide feedback on whether the City of Fremont should consider additional size and design limitations for existing single-family residential neighborhoods.

2018-2022 Capital Improvement Plan Update

How would you prioritize project funding for the Capital Improvement Plan update?

Fremont's Summer Movies in the Park

What movie would you like to watch at each of the Summer Movies in the Park showings?

Kimber Study Area Land Use

What should be the General Plan land use designation for the property at 10 East Las Palmas Avenue?

Fremont's Local Hazard Mitigation Plan 2016

What actions would you like to see the City take in the next five years to reduce the risk associated with a disaster -- natural or human-induced -- and how can the City help community members prepare for and mitigate risk associated with a disaster?

Downtown Fremont Civic Center Plaza Programming

What type of programming and events would you like to see in the plaza area of the new Civic Center in Downtown?