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South Industrial Highway Construction Project

Would you like to know more about the South Industrial Hwy. (Stadium to Eisenhower) transportation changes?

Lower Town Area Mobility Study

What do you envision for the future of mobility in the Lower Town area?

Gallup Park Bridge, Park Road and Border-to-Border Trail Survey

How should we improve the Gallup Park vehicle bridge and adjacent park road and trail?

Bicycle Network Survey

What comfortable bike routes are needed in Ann Arbor?

2021 Scio Church Road Improvements

What transportation features would you like to see along Scio Church Rd., S. Maple to S. Seventh St.?

Pedestrian Crossing Survey

How comfortable are Ann Arbor's pedestrian crossings?

Fuller-Nixon-Traver Sidewalk Project

Do you support filling gaps in the sidewalk system along Fuller Court and Nixon Road/Traver Boulevard ?

Comprehensive Transportation Plan Focus Corridor Priorities

What are your priorities for Ann Arbor’s focus corridors?

Granger Avenue (South State Street to Packard Street) Resurfacing

What transportation improvements would you like to see on Granger Avenue?

Center of the City

Share ideas for the development of a Center of the City Commons.

Bicycle Level of Comfort Survey

What type of bicycle rider are you?

Barton Drive Resurfacing and Water Main Replacement

What transportation features would you like to see on Barton Drive?

S. Seventh St/Scio Church & S. Seventh St/Stadium Blvd

What do you think about the S. Seventh St/Scio Church Rd & S. Seventh St/Stadium Blvd intersections?

Quiet Zone Assessment Survey

Quiet Zone Assessment Survey

Nixon Corridor Improvement Project Feedback

Nixon Corridor Improvement Project Feedback

N. Seventh Street Bicycle Improvements

N. Seventh Street Bicycle Improvements

Traffic Calming Program Update

Do you Support the Proposed Traffic Calming Program Update?

Nixon Corridor Improvement Project

Nixon Corridor Improvement Project

Closed Captioning Ordinance Business-Owner Survey

Closed-captioning ordinance feedback sought from business owners only.

Closed Captioning Ordinance

Closed Captioning Ordinance Feedback