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Name not shown inside Vallejo February 24, 2021, 3:25 PM

On a daily basis I see hundreds of cars coming to Mare Island and passing thru this bridge in the morning and immediately will make a right turn on Railroad Ave. and then proceed to Hwy 37. They do this as a shortcut instead of going thru Wilson St. (outside of Mare Island). The intent is to go to Hwy 37 westbound and cut through the Hwy 37 bridge traffic. If for some reason expenses to this bridge are to be allocated to the citizens of Vallejo, it is to be absorbed by EVERY homeowner of Vallejo and not just homeowners of Mare Island. As it stands right now, Mare Island homeowners are taking the brunt of the bridge expenses. Mare Island homeowners are being taxed differently versus the other Vallejo homeowners. It should be the same to be fair.

Name not shown inside Vallejo February 22, 2021, 2:36 PM

It is ridiculous that the residents of Mare Island have to provide funding for this project. The majority of traffic over the bridge consists of those shortcutting to/from 37. The residents of Mare Island also pay for the maintenance and operations of bridge openings, be that for commercial or pleasure craft. Those who use the bridge, either for traffic or openings, should be required to pay. I could care less about the color, something low maintenance would be nice since my tax dollars are used for the expense. Skip the old logos and other bits that no one cares about anymore, it makes no sense.

Name not shown inside Vallejo February 21, 2021, 10:25 AM

Mare Island home owners pay a lot of additional property taxes ($4000+ each) for the bridge and most of the people who use the bridge do not live on the island. This is an unfair tax and tax burden. We have asked for tax relief for many many years and our pleas are always ignored. The bridge belongs to the City of Vallejo, not the residents on Mare Island. Put a bridge toll for non residents and/or remove the sole burden of paying for the bridge from the backs of Mare Island residents.

Susan Nichols inside Vallejo February 19, 2021, 4:05 PM

Safety is vital:

1. Have appropriate signage for directing Bicyclists/Pedestrians crossing the is extremely unsafe when these groups are on the roadway, rather than the sidewalk.

2. Install better signs indicating speed to cross the bridge

3. Install a "NO PASSING" sign

4. Install a sign indicating Rail Ties/Slippery Surface or whatever you need to do for drivers not familiar with driving on the bridge.

I too am a resident of Mare Island. Please staff Mare Island with appropriate fire/police protection during this project. And moving forward, if there is a way to limit unnecessary traffic using Mare Island as a shortcut...that would be fabulous.

David Campion inside Vallejo February 19, 2021, 2:48 PM

It just doesn't seem right that the residents of Mare Island are paying 100% of the bridge costs when they use it far less than non-residents. I feel that a toll system for the bridge for non-residents be a part of the planned improvements. You can set up the cameras like they do for the other bigger bridges in the bay area and then collect the tolls thru that system.

Name not shown inside Vallejo February 16, 2021, 11:48 AM

It is time to transfer financial responsibility for this bridge away from the residents of Mare Island! Why is Caltrans or Solano County not covering this bridge? The residents of Mare Island should not be paying for it, as we are a small, small percentage of the traffic over the bridge. If we have to pay for the bridge, we need to put a toll for all non-Mare Island residents. The City of Vallejo must address this issue!!

Miguel Buchwald inside Vallejo February 16, 2021, 11:39 AM

I am a Mare Island resident and not a happy camper that we don't have fire or police permanent presence on the island given what we pay for thenm through the CFD. I am concerned about the ability of VPD and VFD to access the island during one lane operation given that traffic will probably be backed up. What are their premises to assure prompt emergency response during this period?

Nathan Daniel Stout inside Vallejo February 15, 2021, 8:38 PM

As a member of the General Plan Working Group, I know that the original General Plan 2040 continued the Residential View District Ordinance, and Anne Carr is correct, in that it currently applies to Vallejo Heights but other neighborhoods could be included in the ordinance. As President of the St. Vincent's Hill Neighborhood Coalition I know that our views here in St. Vincent's Hill Historic District are federally protected, but the trouble is enforcement. That is why I choose to advocate for the City of Vallejo to respect the General Plan 2040, preserve the Residential View District Ordinance and expand that ordinance to both St. Vincent's Hill and the Heritage Historic Districts. Our Historic Districts capture a sense of time and place, and the views of Mare Island Strait and the island itself have been part of the living and built environment for over a hundred and fifty years. The views go beyond Mare Island to Mount Tamalpais and south to the Carquinez Strait Bridge. For the same reasons we choose to protect historic architecture, to preserve our heritage and to restrict new development that is not in keeping with the historic character of our structures and place, we need to maintain and expand the Residential View District Ordinance. Unfortunately, as a member of the General Plan Working Group, I am very disappointed in the City Staff as the Hillside Development Standards are a poor attempt to do away with the Residential View District Ordinance without appearing to do so. Please do not let this happen. Preserve the original ordinance as the General Plan 2040 asks City Staff to do. That General Plan 2040 was approved by the City Council and that document preserves the View District Ordinance, so really you are going against the wishes and authority of the City Council and General Plan Working Group when you suggest its removal or replacement with those standards.

Also, as a member of the General Plan Working Group, I was part of many working discussions about the Zoning of our waterfront, particularly the Sperry Mill site, and parcels to the North of Sperry Mill. The working group wanted to give public access to the waterfront and wanted the zoning to reflect that. At the time we could not change the zoning because of the pending Orcem VMT project, but now we can, so I believe City Staff needs to respect the original intention of the General Plan 2040. Change the zoning to Mixed Use/Residential as was suggested. Now is the time. We need to turn towards our waterfront with dignity and honor it for the natural ecosystem that it is. No more industrial use on the East side. Let the shipyard be the shipyard, but keep and preserve our residential neighborhoods as places to live, work, raise children and grow old, all in harmony with the River and its people.

Name not shown inside Vallejo February 14, 2021, 6:54 PM

Bridge needs improved lighting

Please paint the bridge white or a different color as the existing light blue is very tacky. White will not fade over time. Blue paint fades and looks terrible over time.

Will the CFD's and financial burden of the Island be reconsidered? This should be federally funded as it is a federal water way.

Name not shown inside Vallejo February 14, 2021, 6:35 PM

The bridge is used primarily be non-Vallejo, non-Mare Island residents. Put in a toll for all who don’t live and pay taxes here.