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Mark Stein inside Vallejo August 3, 2020, 6:02 PM

Mayor and City Council:

I am a member of the Blue Rock Springs Golf Course Advisory Committee and a resident of the immediate area.
This initiative was crafted specifically to affect the golf course property, but goes on to
impact all recreational and open space in the city, a major impact on our carefully crafted general plan, which as you know was recently revised at great expense and with the efforts of many through a lengthy and thorough process.

There is simply no urgency to this matter. It is a complex proposal with far reaching potential impacts on our city. The great people at Touchstone, who manage the golf course have achieved a significant turnaround and the course now generates enough revenue to pay its own way! So there should no longer be a financial drain of city funds.

I urge you to adopt the staff recommendation and require further study of this initiative. There has been virtually zero notice of tonight's council meeting on this topic in the press and many interested parties therefore do not have the opportunity to provide input to you. Once the study has been completed, there will be far greater opportunity for the public to weigh in on this important topic and provide useful feedback to the city council.

Thank you, Mark Stein

Fernando Campos outside Vallejo August 3, 2020, 5:51 PM

My name is Fernando Campos and I am a proud member of the Laborers Union .

With more than 1600 Brothers and Sisters, together with their families living in Vallejo - Their Voice Stands in Solidarity and as your constituents are asking the Council to cerify the petition and place it on the ‪November 3rd‬ 2020 ballot - Let the Proud Folks of Vallejo, Who elected each of you, decide.

Dennis Yen inside Vallejo August 3, 2020, 5:48 PM

The open space petition appears to have some unintended consequences and would benefit from further detailed review of its impacts. I would like to support the staff recommendation to place the matter under further review prior to authorizing a ballot measure. The approaching deadline for filing notwithstanding, it's an issue that impacts the entire city and the citizens have not had adequate time to be made aware of of the rationale. The present process for amending the General Plan should be respected, and Vallejo should not have to unnecessarily bear changes to it through an elective process that at this juncture is costly and burdensome.

Paul Roberts inside Vallejo August 3, 2020, 5:45 PM

It's not clear what level of change to Vallejo's Public Open Space would trigger A Citywide ballot approval. If there are not limits then something as small as a 800 square foot educational building, or selling a sliver of unused land to a private developer could trigger a ballot approval. If the change is significant such as changing the use classification of a 10 acre parcel from Open Space to private development that might be an advisable act to go before the voters. We have a very good Planning Department which has a track record on bringing everything of significance before the public for notification and review. At Planning Commission meetings there is an opportunity for public input and comment and then there is the ability to appeal decisions to the City Council. The current structure therefore is considerable and has been shown to work. Our elected officials have shown no propensity to just reclassifying parcel uses willy nilly.
I am against having to require a citywide vote unless the Change of Use is for a significant area in excess of ten acres.

Treston Shull outside Vallejo August 3, 2020, 5:21 PM

My name is Treston Shull and I'm the Vice President of Laborers Union Local 324.
On behalf of the Local Union and the 1600+ residents we represent in Vallejo, we urge the Council to cerify the petition and put it on the November 3rd ballot for a vote of the residents. Delaying is not necessary and the petition is ready for the residents consideration and decision on the November 3 2020 ballot.

Mimi Cohn inside Vallejo August 3, 2020, 4:58 PM

This petition should be certified now and put onto the November 3rd ballot for our vote. A delay is not necessary and all the required information is on the petition and ready for the voter's consideration and decision on the November 3 2020 ballot.

Brad Johnson outside Vallejo August 3, 2020, 4:50 PM

To the Mayor and Members of the City Council:
• I submit these comments on behalf of the sponsor of the “City of Vallejo Parks, Recreation and Open Space Protection Initiative.”
• The initiative would protect existing designated parks, recreation, and open space lands in the City against incompatible development.
• Parks and open space provide innumerable recreational and health benefits to City residents. These limited areas have been especially critical to City residents seeking safe respite from pandemic-related shelter-in-place restrictions.
• This initiative has garnered enormous support from City residents, organizations, and other community members, who worked together to gather enough signatures even despite the challenges presented by the pandemic.
• I respectfully urge the Council to respect the will of the people and place this measure on the ballot this November.
• A decision to request a report instead, something that is not legally required, would only delay the people’s right to vote to protect parks and open space in their City.
• Again, on behalf of the initiative sponsor and the many thousands of Vallejo residents that signed their names to this petition, vote tonight to place this initiative on the November 2020 ballot.

Ally Kendall inside Vallejo July 31, 2020, 11:58 PM

No amount of police department "reform" is going to fix what is broken in Vallejo. City Council just approved a $50M budget for a police department that is under investigation for *more than one* case of corruption. You talk about crime and why your officers are so overwhelmed, yet you won't give up a penny to address systemic racism and widespread poverty in our city and you disingenuously claim that "we've already tried" defunding the police when you know full well that it's a lie. Your officers are expected to do too much? Give up some of your massive budget and, for the cost of one officer, we can hire two civilians to deal with non-critical issues. THERE ARE OTHER WAYS.

Name not shown inside Vallejo July 31, 2020, 11:53 PM

The police in Vallejo have eroded the citizens’ trust in them with their rampant overuse of force in some arenas and their downright negligence in others. There is no reason for allowing those particular egregious offenders to continue to be employed by our city.
Instead of increasing funding for the PD, Vallejo should be reallocating funds to support the community and citizens to preempt to potential for crime to develop. We need create resources to pre-empt crime before the police are involved and eliminate a force that has grown to be corrupt and does not see citizens as neighbors, but rather as enemies to be vanquished. Defund the police and reallocate the funds where they are most needed... to support our citizens, youth and schools so that we can have a solid foundation for the future of Vallejo.

Deborah Reece inside Vallejo July 31, 2020, 11:23 PM

Thank you for giving ample time and opportunity for the community to provide our input and feedback on the OIR report in this forum. In general I agree with and support the recommendations as far as they go in the PIP. I also appreciate OIR’s thoughtful and careful review and valuable analysis.
However, I was very disappointed when I looked at the full OIR report and found that Recommendations 34-38 were not addressed at all in the PIP. These recommendations are critically important. I’m not sure what the decision process was in not including those, but please reconsider and make these recommendations a priority as they go to the heart of the pain when things go wrong. I would like to be sure Recommendation 34 (for a family liaison to be put in place to deal with the family after fatal shooting incidents) is prioritized. Recommendation 35 is also critically important. The “blue wall of silence” that too often comes down compounds the pain. I ask that the chief and the VPD implement this practice and policy immediately. Change the legal situation as needed to be able to be human and kind in responding to these tragic situations.
Another major concern I have is that I did not see where the police union was substantively addressed in the OIR report, and the union has repeatedly seemed to be at the center of many of our problems. We need an honest, critical analysis of the union and its contract and the ways it needs to be changed to allow the citizens of Vallejo to be able to hold officers accountable.
I appreciate all the plans and ideas to help our department to function more effectively, but I would also ask our city not to try to Band-Aid over the gaping wounds of past injustices. The hurt and harm of the past is deep, and it is real. Please do not let this moment pass without an honest reckoning of what has been done wrong, and seek reconciliation and healing with those who are still hurting. Thank you.