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Salt Lake City UT
Lake Oswego OR
Washoe County NV
Ann Arbor MI
St Paul MN
Tempe AZ
Vallejo CA
Aspen CO
Sugar Land
Portland OR Development Commission
Douglas County NV
Fremont CA
Humboldt County CA
Los Alamos County NM
Metropolitan Transportation Commission CA
Marin County CA
San Ramon CA
Tulsa OK
Virginia Beach VA
Walnut Creek CA
Palo Alto CA
Decatur GA
Arlington County VA
Ashland OR
San Luis Obispo CA
Alexandria VA
Cupertino CA
Walla Walla WA
Durango CO
Menlo Park CA
Loveland CO
Pleasant Prairie WI
West Vancouver BC
Sunnyvale CA
Eau Claire WI
Littleton CO
Gainesville FL
Bozeman MT
Tamarac FL
Clive IA
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Local governments have launched 3,077 OPEN TOWN HALL forums to date.

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497,644 Constituents

First time to use. Very easy and clear.

Open Town Hall Constituent

Palo Alto, California - December 17, 2014

I can't always attend meetings but think I have something important to contribute.

Open Town Hall Constituent

Salt Lake City, Utah - March 17, 2015

Love this community an the opportunity to get involved.

Open Town Hall Constituent

Gainesville, Florida - October 3, 2014

Visibility insures that the city is working for all residents.

Open Town Hall Constituent

Loveland, Colorado - February 25, 2015

I can participate from home, on my own time!

Open Town Hall Constituent

Edmonton, Alberta - June 21, 2014

Involvement creates a stronger community and makes Vallejo a better place to live.

Open Town Hall Constituent

Vallejo, California - March 20, 2015

Gives you time to think about your answers.

Open Town Hall Constituent

Waterloo, Ontario - March 9, 2015

Easily accessible for public opinion and involvement.

Open Town Hall Constituent

State College, Pennsylvania - November 5, 2014


Open Town Hall Constituent

Eau Claire, Wisconsin - August 29, 2015

It allows me to have more of a voice

Open Town Hall Constituent

Tulsa, Oklahoma - August 28, 2015

Opportunity to view the facts and visualize the plan.

Open Town Hall Constituent

Tulsa, Oklahoma - September 25, 2014

Because nobody comes to public hearings but they ALL read stuff on the Internet!

Open Town Hall Constituent

Sugar Land, Texas - November 28, 2014

Allows for crisp information sharing.

Open Town Hall Constituent

Menlo Park, California - March 19, 2014

Seems well run and impartial.

Open Town Hall Constituent

Menlo Park, California - February 22, 2015

It's a way to get my voice across. I feel more valued as a resident of Waterloo.

Open Town Hall Constituent

Waterloo, Ontario - January 28, 2015

Very easy to do and easy to share!

Open Town Hall Constituent

SF Bay Area, California - November 2, 2014

I like being able to communicate with you without having to leave my home in the evening or in inclement weather.

Open Town Hall Constituent

Loveland, Colorado - February 17, 2015

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497,644 constituents have visited OPEN TOWN HALL to date.

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